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How to clip at the roots 

  1. Apply your favourite styling product to either wet hair, or for dry or 2nd day hair use a mixture of water and conditioner in a spray bottle.
  2. Lean out to one side, this makes your hair is hang off of your scalp, which is very important 
  3. Grab a small section of hair (less than an inch)
  4. Create an O around your head with your arm, and insert the clip with the "mouth" of the clip facing away from your roots
  5. Continue this around the crown of your head, you will have to switch arms once you get to the other side of your head
  6. Once you've completed your crown, you can create a second row. The more rows you create the more volume you will get and your hair will create a more rounded shape.
  7. Leave the clips in for 10-20 minutes, or until the products have the chance to firm up. Then you can carefully remove the clips altogether, or replace clips in a different spot after some time has elapsed to avoid getting clip marks.