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Morning Glory Gro-Protect Solutions (GPS) is an advanced hair and skin care system, formulated with natural compounds and antioxidants. Exclusively for hair and skin protection. A crystallizing protective growth serum. No other hair care system can offer you these versatile compounds that GPS has MGP technology throughout.The product line has unique formulations that maximize growth and professional protection from bonding glue . This product is enviromentally clean and safe. Go green with Gro-Protect Solutions keeping glue and tar from clogging sinks, water lines and water waste systems.

Gro-Protect Solutions provides nourishing conditioners and has two types of Aloe Vera that promotes your natural hair to grow and stay healthy while wearing the styles you desire and love. This amazing scientifically advanced formula is proven to stay longer while preventing glue from being on your hair, scalp and skin. Our product is uniquely designed to protect hair from the harmful effect of gluing products.


For the wrap, braid or molding techniques it is recommended that you use about 2 ounces of Gro-Protect Solutions (GPS) to allow complete coverage.

Make sure you coat the hair well, applying the solution with an applicator brush to ensure that the product is distributed evenly over the head.
Make sure hair is completely dry before applying (GPS)
Do not put holding spray or spritiz on the natural hair before using GPS (if you do it will make it harder to rinse from hair, and may leave a film on the hair when removing the weave).
Do not use holding spray or spritiz when applying the weave and the glue (the glue is all you need to make it hold .You can save your holding spray for styling).
Be sure to use the blow dryer to ensure that the weave is secure onto the head.

For removal, be sure to rinse and massage the head constantly for 2-3 minutes with warm water and the weave will begin to loosen. If rinsing in a shower the time may take longer.

After removing weave; detangle the hair before shampooing with a wide tooth comb to avoid tangles.